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Flying Dragons Co., Ltd
19,LANE 97,SEC.1,HSIN-SENG S.RD., Taipei Taiwan 10652 Taiwan
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Sophia Lin , Sales and Marketing

Flying Dragons Co., Ltd


FLYING DRAGONS CO.,LTD. was founded in 1960. 

As a leading manufacturer of Tape Processing(Converting) and Special chemical materials , Our service are including ODM/OEM for Tape Processing, Epoxy Resin ( Conductive / Industrial Adhesive /  Electrical components potting, etc), and also distributing famous brand of chemical materials.

Our major operating items:

1.   Tape Processing / Converting (with Multi-x-layer Lamination)

Applications:  Smart Device , Electronic components , Optronics ,  Communications , Automobiles , GPS ,  Electric appliances and mechanical equipments.

Remark: We offer customize service.

2.   Epoxy Resin ( Industrial Adhesive/ Bonding , Thermal / Electrical Conductive , Insulation , Electrical components potting, etc)
Applications: Smart Device , Electronic Components , Medical Electronics , Optronics , GPS , PCB Industry..etc.,

3.  Epoxy Resin (Agent of Creative Materials.)
Applications: Electronics Industrial , Semi-conductor Industrial , LED Industrial , Medical Equipment..etc.

http://www.creativematerials.com/applications/       for your reference.


4.   Conductive material
Conductive Epoxy , Thermal paste , Graphite thermal
conductive sheet , Thermal conductive tape and more products.

5.   Pull tape ( Peel Tape)

6.   Industrial Tape

7.   Protective Film (customizes for Smartphone/ Touch panel / LCD Display panel.)


8.   TPE/TPU Material Processing(customizes products)


9.   Card Films (Agent of Klockner Pentaplast)


10.  Fluoro Resin-Bonnflon AGC Coat-Tech Co.,Ltd (Subsidiary of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd)


Our products are applied for the industries as below:


Electronic communications、Touch Panel、notebook computer、TFT-LCD、related computer accessories、Optoelectronics industry、biological technology、Navigation systems and more other industries.

About Us

Flying Dragons Co., Ltd. was founded in 1960 and is a manufacturer of adhesive and a trading company of importing a High-Tech products, as an one of the leading company in Taiwan for tape processing/adhesive.

Our major operating items:

1.  Tape Processing / Converting (with Multi-Layer Lamination)
Applications:  Smart Device , Electronic components , Optronics ,  Communications , Automobiles , GPS ,  Electric appliances and mechanical equipment.
Remark: We offer customize service.

2. ...

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Company Name: Flying Dragons Co., Ltd
Country/Territory: Taiwan
Business Type: Manufacturer
Registration Date: 2016/05/04 (Year/Month/Date)
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